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News & Events Postcards
Pub. by Koltermans 5C to $1.00 Store, Blair, Nebr. No date given. Postcard unused.

Monochrome postcard of the Crowell Memorial Home in Blair. Postmarked 1908.

B-Line Motel On U.S. Highway 30 Blair, Nebraska. 20 Modern Units - Open Year Around - Air-Conditioned - T.V. - Telephone 426-3834. No date given. Postcard unused.

Monochrome postcard of the Washington County Courthouse in Blair. Postmarked 1907.

Mail Card panoramic view of 16th & Main streets in Blair. Postmarked 1908.

Crossing Missouri River at Blair, Nebraska Saves 31 Miles on U.S. Highway No. 30 Between Missouri Valley, Iowa and Fremont, Nebraska. Postmarked 1938.